Friday, March 13, 2009

T.G.I.F.F. [Blogilicious! Day...um...4 maybe?]

WOHOO!! Thank God It's Finally Frideeeee!!. 

It's a fact that Friday is the most looked-forward-to day of the week. It's been this way since some not-thinking-straight individual created the seven day work week. It's been a staple of Jewish religious practice for millenia, and believe me that they take their Sabbath seriously...they wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff for performing miracles on Friday [and to be clear, it was the over-zealous Jewish authorities not Jews in general]. It's the day we let our hair down, and celebrate with ales and spirits not returning to work for two days.

But I don't think this is fair on Friday. It's almost too much pressure for one day too handle. Take Monday for example. Monday has no pressure on it. No one likes Monday. No one wakes up and says, "Yeah Monday!" It's more like, "uuuuugh...Monday." Tuesday just gets ignored; poor Tuesday. Wednesday is Hump Day. Now while that may not sound very complimentary, it's the first ray of hope for the week, but no real expectations. Sadly, Thursday's rep is limited to being the day before Friday. Depending on your age and relationship status, Saturday is either recover-from-Friday day or hang-with-the-family day. Sunday, again depending on your status, is either recover-from-Saturday's-recover-from-Friday day or the weekly-dose-of-religion day. But Sunday, no matter how it starts, inevitably has us singing the back-to-work blues.

Friday now has the near insurmountable task of being the day that makes it all worthwhile. It's not fair I tell you. No one day should bear that much responsibility. If something happens and you miss Friday [family/medical emergency, coma] you're pretty much screwed for two weeks.

But no fear. I have a plan. I say don't start the work day on Wednesday til 2pm. That way we have time to recover from Tuesday night frivolities. Tuesday is no longer ignored and Wednesday gets a bump for being a sleep-in day. It's a plan with great potential to take some of the load of Friday's shoulders. Give it some thought.

Now I gotta go meet some friends for Indian food and maybe a few beers.

Happy Friday everyone.


Abby said...

Tasty Tasty FOODZ! That was superfun! Thanks for including me and my kitch!