Sunday, August 7, 2005

To Golf of Not to Golf.... is there even a question?!

Last Thursday Jen & I took our first golf lesson.
We had a blast! Golf is truly a sport for the insane!
I see how it takes mad skills to get that little lump of plastic onto the green.

And of course our marriage skills were excercised just as much.
Turns out she's a much better chipper than i am (so far) and was all about giving me tips.
Hey, we're paying a professional (well... an instructor through the Parks & Rec Dept., but affordable!) not you so... so.... BACK OFF!! I'll figure it out only own!

then we did some putting on our own (sans instruction) and i KICKED ASS!!!
Love me some putting!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Has it been two years?!?
Felt like i just posted last week!
so what have i done? only moved half-way across the country (DC 2 KC), started a new job, became the main (and technically ONLY) breadwinner, confronted my SHADOW SIDE!!... and those were the good days!

so without rehashing everything ('specially since i can barely remember the higlights!) i'll pick up where i left off.

the wife and i have our first golf lesson later today and i am PSYCHED!!! Golf has been on my TO-DO-BEFORE-I-DIE list, so i'm glad to be getting underway. all the people i know who ply have been absolutely pessimistic about the whole thing. the most positive comment i've heard is "good for you...be careful...it's addictive!"

hey, i ain't trying to be the next Tiger Woods, i just want to HIT SOMETHING!!