Wednesday, May 28, 2003


The rain falls in a steady stream for two weeks.
It's inconceivable to think how many drops of life that may be.
Perhaps there is no name for that number.
Yet each drop is a source of life.
It begins a journey that cannot fail... all it must do is fall.
Fall, and let go...
No control, manuvered by wind, destination unknown.
Correction... destined to fuse to the molecular blueprint of all that lives.

We have a love-hate relationship with rain...
Love it when there's just enough...
Hate it when there's too much or too little... flood or drought
That's a narrow window of opportunity for love

How narrow is our window of opportunity for love?
How easily do we allow ourselves to fall?
How often do we risk that journey that may end in total fusion with another?
How much do we try to alter the descent?

I say throw open your window wide!
Be a torrential downpour that threatens to flood with emotion.
Fall fast.. fall reckless!
Be the source... Fuse!

Leave your umbrellas at home!