Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Admitting I'm Powerless [Blogplosion '09!! Day 3]

So how do I really feel about my BlackBerry?


I got this off my favorite site for all things BlackBerry: CrackBerry.com. The site name says it all.

Sometimes I forget these modern conveniences are just that...conveniences. The other night I was out with friends and when I reached for my trusty sidekick it wasn't there. After the momentary panic before remembering I left it plugged in at home, I embarked on a pitiful journey through the Five Stages of Grief:
     1. Denial: "I can't believe this is happening!"
     2. Anger: "Don't ask me if I got your email! You know damn well I don't have my phone! It's not funny!!!"
     3. Bargaining: "Just let me hold your BlackBerry for a few minutes...I just need to touch it! I'll give it back! I promise!!"
     4. Depression: "Just leave me alone. Can't you see this is worse night of my life. What's the point of being here?"
     5. Acceptance: "Ok...just one more hour. I can make it. Why's the room spinning?"


Wonder-Rachel said...

Hahaha - I go nuts when I leave my phone at home. Especially now that I 've finally set up to get tweet and fb updates to my phone. I am still resistant to getting a Blackberry/Treo/iPhone (well, ok I would never get an iPhone because I'm with Verizon, but you get the idea) because I see the lives that have been ruined by that addiction and I know myself. LOL
Yay blogmania! (I am not blogging at all - and here comes a confession: I'm not making it to 2000 words most days. However today is my night off so I intend to do some work!)
Keep it up. :)

Rachel said...

That's funny, I am also pretty attached to my phone, though now that I have a red one I call it my raspberry.

you know, 10-15 years ago, not only did we not all have cell phones, all the sites we HAVE to check with them didn't exist either!