Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sweet Distraction [Blogtacular '09! Day are-we-there-yet?!]

This blogging everyday thing is taking up a lot of time. It's lowered my productivity to 31% from it's usual peak of 37%.  Here's a list of things I should be doing now instead of blogging:

1. Homework
2. Dishes
3. Hanging pictures
4. Vacuuming
5. Laundry
6. Putting away last load of laundry
7. Getting cars inspected
8. Playing wii with Joy
9. Editing video for church website
10. Unpacking boxes
11. Writing the next great American novel
12. Watching legally DVR'd tv shows
13. Watching illegally pirated movies
14. Buying groceries
15. Making diner
16. Feeding my child

UPDATE: I didn't post this when I originally wrote it at 5:00 this afternoon. It's almost 10:30 now, and the list continues...

17. Homework I didn't do since #1
18. Putting Joy to bed [she slept in til 10 this morning so don't think I'm bad parent]
19. Putting myself to bed
20. See #12
21. See #13
22. Thinking of what to blog about tomorrow.


Wonder-Rachel said...

I'm good on 1 & 2.
3, 4 & 5 should be on my list as well.
ELEVEN... havin' a tough time right now. A little stuck regarding 11. But seriously you should try it sometime.
12 would be nice. And 19.
So can we nominate topics for tomorrows blog? It is Sunday... maybe you should get deep and toss out some thoughts on the Sunday service you attend. Or give everyone a break down of the game viewing schedule you'll be following. Or give a full menu, instructions and review of the Sunday meal.
LOL I really need to get off work and go to bed.