Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting my Mojo Workin'

Holy time-warp batman!! Is it just me or did last week go be reeeealy fast? Can you believe two months have gone by already?! It feels like I just posted the other day and it was a whole week ago. And I'm still not used to Daylight Savings yet...it's only been 14 years!! Growing up in Barbados, we didn't have a need to save daylight. It was so hot half the time the sun couldn't go down fast enough.

But I digress.

I've never been one to put deadlines on myself, but I feel I should be blogging more than once a week. If nothing else, it's good writing practice, and publishing a novel is still somewhere on my to do list. I blame twitter. While I'm hopelessly addicted to the thing, it's not a substitute. I read a blog whose author has penned a post every freakin' day for the last seven months. He admits that sometimes the content, if printed, is barely worthy to line a bird cage, but at least he does it. My friend Rachel over at My Crazy Life is trying to write sixteen hundred words a day for National Novel Writing Month culminating in a fifty thousand word novel by the end of March...yes, this March.

While adventurous, I'm not crazy enough to set myself that kind of goal. I prefer smaller, yet relatively challenging, excursions. The music therapist in me applauds: small goals=big success. So my new intention is to blog every day this week. That's right, a deluge of home-spun blogging goodness is coming your way. So take a deep breath [me, not you] and enjoy this week of insanity. 


areason2write said...

you probably do this already - but try to keep a small notebook with you and when an idea hits just dot down a few notes about it - then when you feel a dry spell coming on, you'll literally have some ideas in your back pocket - of course you could twitter the ideas or email them to yourself too! Good luck this week - it's hard to write everyday but it is really good practice.