Friday, February 20, 2009

Spinning for chicks.

I'm officially one of the people I used to make fun of.

I spin.

I spin for chicks.

No...not girls.

My chicks.

My bony skinny scrawny chicken legs.

I won't torture either of us with pictures so let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

I don't shame easily, but I keep 'em covered as much as possible because I'm tired of deflecting the questions about the physics of how it's possible for me to stand upright.

I was first made aware of spinning a few years back my friend Jack Q who said "I joined the spin class to lose weight but all I got were these ham-hocks instead" as he pointed to bulbous calves and redwood-thick thighs. He was already a pretty big guy and now his legs matched the rest of him. Even though I'm not a pretty big guy, there isn't a whole lot of my five-foot-eight-one-hundred-and-sixty-pound frame [ok...one-seventy...ok OK one-eighty now leave me alone!] proportioned to my legs. 

So since there's a plethora of spin classes at the YMCA we recently joined and I have a neighbor/friend who's quite zealous about spinning [especially before the sun wakes up...wha?!] I thought I'd put Jack Q's theory to the test. The first few classes were excruciating. I kept saying I would never go back. I told the people in class they were insane. They smiled patiently and kept pedalling to nowhere. They knew I would be back.

And I was. This week [I think my third...or fourth...can't remember because side-effects of blood rushing to the legs is decreased brain functionality] was a milestone. I finished a class without cheating. I cranked the dial when I was told to. I pedalled fast when I was told to. I stopped when I was told to and not a second earlier. I had gotten over the hump. I was in the zone. I even went without my zealous friend so I felt I deserved double points. No...triple points because it was the class with the nazi instructor who cranked up my dial because he thought I should be working harder: "Don't slow down!" he screamed. "Then don't touch my bike!!" I screamed back. It was a good class.

So here's hoping the chickens are getting fed and fat...well at least growing. If they plump up I'll be sure to post some pics because, yes, I'm egomanical enough to believe that after this post you all want to see some leg.



Wonder-Rachel said...

This is hilarious. Good luck with the spinning! :)

(hahaha-the word verification captcha thingy for this comment is iogunwo)

Dane said...

I echo Rachel: Good Luck with it!

I tried to do a class on Friday and after the first up 15 minutes, I decided that I would need 3 more months of regular exercise.

Have fun in class with the enthusiast:-)

Anthony LeRoy Lovato (Pollock) said...

Well I for one am interested as I have the ill fate of chicken calfs as well. I've been swimming laps for the past 3 weeks, and I've noticed a huge difference in my endurance. Way to go. Keep it up, it only get's easier.

LaBellaVida said...

I seriously though spin class was like a class where you learn to spin on your head-- like break dancing. whenever i would read it on twitter. lol

Heather said...

I also suffer from chicken leg syndrome. Good job though on trying to get some exercise. =)