Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things in My Pocket [Plinky Trvialities]

My Blackberry Storm
It's my lifeline: calendar, phone, photos, twitter, facebook, blogs, news, music...anything I can do from my laptop I can do on my Storm. If it dosen't go into my calendar instantly it ain't happening.

My Wallet
Cash, credit cards, id, business cards, a couple family pics. I keep it as light as possible so I'm not displacing my hip like other guys who're sitting crooked.

My Zune
80 Gigs. It's where I keep my tunes...all 12,000 plus of them. And some podcasts & videos [down with ipod!]. Headphones too.

My Keys
So I can get in & out of stuff...like my car and my house.


Wonder-Rachel said...

My pockets would never hold so many items. At the moment I have: cell phone, drivers license, debit card & some cash. Sometimes my keys are there too (but usually they stay in my coat). I guess girl pockets are just too small for all that crap. And who really wants to see a cute girl in a pair of lumpy jeans anyway?