Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simply Lovin' Web Two Point Oh

Remember two posts ago  when I thought it would be a good idea to start a second blog? After a week of lame ungratifying attempts to be consistently humorous I gave up and  recognized the brainchild for what it truly was: something to keep me awake. So it's gone to wherever blogs go to die. May it rest in peace. Sorry to have bothered you with it. If you hadn't checked it out, never mind, and sorry to have bothered you with this paragraph.

In the meantime, let me draw you attention to some other gems flourishing in the fertile mulch of web 2.0. Twitter might not be foreign to most of you and my favorite twitter site is twitter.com/joshacagan. This is my go-to feed when I need a smile 'cause this guy's hands-down funny. Because I appreciated and honor the gifts & skills others bring to the table I don't often find myself saying "I wish I'd said/done that"; there's enough room for eveyone. But at least once a day I'm green with envy at this guy's originality. And he appreciates the humor of others by having a weekly event called Punchline Friday when followers get a chance [usually for prizes] to respond to a set-up. My wit finally proved useful and I won this past Friday to the set-up "Amy Winehouse's Home Burglarized" by responding "Duffy & Adele secretly high-five." Truth be told there were some funnier posts, but I won't argue with the judge.

Another recent find was 12seconds.tv. It could very well be called 'Video Twitter'. You get a 12-second video post so brevity is your ally. Jen just saw my last 12-sec post [sidebar] and cracked up. Go have fun with it. 

Then there's Plinky. It's a cool question-answer site that ultimately helps along the path of self-discovery. Sometimes it's the simple light questions that send you deeper than the complex ones.

I'll continue to explore and share, but it's a crazy big interweb so please share the cool sites you've found...just in case I'm up again at 3am and try to start another blog [really, what was I thinking?!].