Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seriously?! Another Blog?!

So I found myself in a bind. This blog is gravitating towards the personal like a tiny comet caught in the pull of a black hole. And even though I subscribe to the less-is-more philosophy, I often run out of characters when posting on twitter...then I gotta edit and it's just too much damn work. The compromise? A new blog! Ta-daaa!

Introducing GOOD.BAD.INDIFFERENT ...a less introspective and wittier approach to the madness that is I. This brain child woke me up at 3am this morning...and I don't lose sleep for nothing. I also finally picked up the cold my daughter & wife have suffered through and I'm congested like DC beltway at rush hour...lying down and breathing is out of question so I must sit up and live. The inspiration for this new blog also came from one of my earlier tweets [yes, I inspired my self...what?!...don't you?] and from http://twitter.com/joshacagan which cracks me up every single day; now this guy's funny.

I know, I know...I'm a glutton for punishment. I can barely keep up with one as it is. But give a lazy man more to do and he'll do less. I just made that up and it didn't even make sense. Cut me some slack... it's now5 am folks.


Wonder-Rachel said...

(trying to post this comment a second time, as the first time the word verification captcha thingy was "inces" and me being a dork, typed incest - HAHAHA)

lmao - What a great phrase you made up - and it sounds just like an old proverb too! I wish you luck in keeping up with the new blog. I can barely post to my ONE blog often enough to be happy about it (but I console myself with the excuse that I am finally really writing something).

Anyway I hope you get feeling better soon. I had a flu bug yesterday from my ten year old but I'm already feeling better today! Get well - I'm off to read a new blog! ;)