Monday, August 11, 2008

Me Update

So in Call to Ministry EJ & Fish recommended we journal about our experience
in ministerial school.

They said it would be helpful as we process and develop our Credo.

Well we all know my history with journaling...I finally cleaned up the
office and found 3 different journals.

I'm just not disciplined with it, and the blogging hasn't been that great

But enough on the pity party already...I got some things to say now.

We're moving...AGAIN!!

Jen's accepted the job in Raleigh, NC and we're off to the next
adventure...sort of.

I actually put my foot down for the BOTH/AND which we've never done to this

I said I won't give up school...it's mine to do...I'm clear, but that didn't
mean she had to stay at UCOP (Unity Church Of Purgatory!).

She will probably leave for Raleigh in October, and I will stay here with
Joy and finish the term.

Then we'll join her and I'll continue school online and travelling.

It took her a while to get clear.

It took me a while to admit that I didn't feel worthy as asking here to stay
at UCOP for 2 more years so I could finish.

It took me a while to admit that I was angry about the idea of moving just
when I was starting to be happy...it only took me about 4 years to get to a
happy place!

But I realize this move gets to be different for me.

Sure all the cool people (Ned, Nneka, Rachel, etc) are looking to be here
next year...but now I'm slowed up a bit it'll probably mean more time with
them as I come back for my terms.

Sure I just started to create new friendships (James, Jess1, Jess2, Kevin,
Anita, Jenny)...but this time I get to sustain them, and make new ones when
I move...I'll be rooted in 2 cities.

Sure I'm investing myself in a new spiritual community (USE)...I can do that

I realize I never made DC my home...I just lived there.

I have my own co-dependency to blame, my inability to demand balance between
friends & family.

So I'm not angry about moving, but I am beginning to feel the impending
sadness of separation.

Which is pretty new for me, Mr. After-the-fact-guy.

And the Universe is rushing in to support us.

Two days after both Jen & I got clear and honest about this, the house
behind Curt & Cindy went up for sale.

They had been toying with the idea of buying it as investment property, but
once again their generosity to us took on a new level.

They bought it and will rent it to us for what we're paying for our house
here...a steal beyond steals.

And the elementary school is a language immersion magnet, with IB middle &
high school programs.

I don't believe in God-out-there or predestination, but DAMN!!

I do believe that the desires of our heart set the Universe in motion, and
it responded in ways we could not have contemplated.


So I'm here and present, enjoying life, being happy, being me.

And I'll be there and present, enjoying life, being happy, being me.