Saturday, December 29, 2007

it's three oh four pm and two remarkable things have happened so far

i took the first step of long held dream
my first kendo class
my first kendo experience
i anticipated being a witness to this form of focus meets strength meets grace meets speed
i was invited to participate
they were patient and giving and genuinely pleased i was there
they know what lies ahead
i will grow strong both in and out
i will bruise
i will be sore... probably before the end of the day
my body is not ready for this new discipline
both mind and body need new discipline and i welcome it
new friends laughing
we experience character development
our final excercise is barefoot in the snow
an added bonus for being present today in the outdoor dojo

i go to scooter's to write
a group gathers and builds close to me space
an amateur investment group?
been there done that
an elderly gentleman arrives and assumes i am one of them and introduces himself
i shake his hand and tell him my name
the others correct him
i tell him it still a pleasure to meet him
we laugh and he knocks over someone's coffee

a good day to laugh so far.