Friday, December 28, 2007

another two years have rolled by
the daunting task of writing everyday is upon me again
i started the novel
don't know where it's going yet but pen has been put to paper
this doesn't count as work on the novel
i'm sharpening the saw

yesterday i saw INTO THE WILD
it opened my heart just a little bit wider
it confirmed what i already knew
life is nothing without people to share it with
happiness is real only when shared was his deathbed realization
somedays i still want to run off alone
somedays my life is a perfectly tailored suit
somedays i don't know whose clothes i'm wearing
somedays it's my old tattered college sweatshirt on which every stain has a name
somedays it's a two sizes too small button-down
today i'm standing naked wondering what to wear

benazir bhutto was killed yesterday
so was someone only few people knew
the senselessness of it depresses me
yet this is life and there is no death