Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Goodness

Yeesh! Almost a month since last post. Obviously the blogging-while-watching-basketball idea didn't take off. I don't seem to have the multi-tasking skills I once possessed. Who am I kidding...I never had them to begin with. Truth is I'm in one of my reading moods where I'm always in a book and not much else [other than watching basketball]. My Goodreads widget in the sidebar tells the tale. And I can lay some of the blame on Twitter. I don't feel as guilty about not posting since I'm constantly tweeting. So in true twitteresque form, here's some randomness that befell me the last few weeks:

I took on the job as Music Director for my church[Unity Church of the Triangle] which will look very interesting as I return to Kansas City for the summer to take more classes. Yes...still a minister in training.


I will be guest speaker at the afore mentioned church this coming Sunday. That'll also be interesting considering the crisis of faith that just won't go away.


Check out my friend Jess' blog Wandering Revelations. She's traipsing all over France and eating all of their food. I'm appropriately envious of course...I had KFC for dinner tonight.


I am a ROBOT. Click here 'cause I don't want to explain.

We've made 3 trips to the amusement park Busch Gardens in the last 2 months. We bought a year pass using the it'll-pay-for-itself-after-two-trips logic. It means we've pulled Joy out of school for about 4 days now. No parent-of-the-year awards for us this year.
I've slowly returned to my lazy bad-food habits [Did I mention the KFC?]. Haven't been to the gym since I-don't-know-when and rainy weather has reduced the bike riding. Jen informed we we're going on the Fat Flush diet again-oh joy.


Jess said...

I think I officially kick your butt in blogging this month, but considering before than it had been 1 in the past year, I think you're ok to go a month without. I'm not watching Twitter, though, so try to keep a few things on here?

Thanks for the link to my blog :) Glad you're keeping up with the Flickr Pics too... I'm taking a LOT. I had to upgrade to the Pro account halfway through my second week! And I'd hate to see what my Shutterfly bill will be... *covering my eyes*

Don't worry about the bad for ya food. KFC is darn tasty. There's plenty of time to diet... later. (Surgeon General's WARNING: Do *not* listen to the girl who's eating everything during her travels)

CONGRATS on the position and the fantastic speech this AM. Spirit works in unfathomable ways. Sit tight and enjoy the parts you enjoy and learn from the rest.