Thursday, April 23, 2009

He's Baaaaack!

Hey gang. I'm back, I'm black, and ready to get crack...ing on more blogg...ing... aaaand I've just ruled out poetry, rap, and spoken word for alternative career plans. 

I've had a few weeks break [total work overwhelm] and I'm done class for a month so I'm returning to the blogosphere at a time that I'm guaranteed to be awake til at least one in the morning more often than not because it's NBA PLAYOFFS BABEEEEE! so for the next month and a half I'll be a walking sleep-deprived-yet-wired zombie most likely blogging as I watch the games which might lead to nonsensical postings [nothing new] and ridiculously lengthy run-on sentences posing as paragraphs [more nothing new].

Please breathe now if you rely on punctuation for air.

This morning's blog fodder comes courtesy of my sweet eight-year-old offspring Joy and my less-than-perfect parenting skills. Joy was bitten on her chest by a tick [we think] a few days ago when she visited the great outdoors also known as the in-laws' homestead. We thought we'd pulled it out but there's a huge swollen red bump in the middle of her chest. 

And the conversation went like this:

Jen: That's huge! It's like Chandler!
Me: HA-HA-HA!!
Joy: HA-HA-HA!!
Me: Why are you laughing? You don't get it!
Joy: Yes I do-Chandler has three nipples! 

Parenting lesson for today: Yeah...she was watching.


Wonder-Rachel said...

Welcome Back! Awesome luck on my part that the weeks I neglect my reader, are the same weeks you go MIA. :)
And yes, that's a lesson I've been learning as well: They're ALWAYS watching! LOL

Jess said...

Hahaha, that child is so much smarter than you think/thought! She's watching *everything*... :) Good luck with that!