Monday, December 1, 2008

Try a little harder...PLEASE!!

Despite if the word RANT in my blog title, I don't complain a lot (do I?). But I gotta vent a little here. Let me start by saying that I have all kind of sympathies for people who work in the food service industry...my parents owned a restaurant (read free child labor) and I even did a stint as a Starbucks Barista (not coffee maker if you please!). None of the folks who work in fast food chains look happy to be there, and I can't say I blame them, but I think they can put in a little more effort.

So I had a hankering for some yummy Orange Chicken from our favorite fast-food-disguised-as-gourmet Chinese joint Panda Express. I wanted some noodles but there were only a few scraps in the pan. The cute server asked if I was willing to wait a couple minutes for a fresh update. I was going to downgrade to the rice but a saw the chef (and trust me when I say I'm using the title 'chef' sparingly and generously) stirring a wok as big as my SUV with fresh steamy noodles and thought 'What the heck...no rush'

I was literally drooling when they brought up the fresh noodles and fresh Orange Chicken too!! Oh baby! Then my joy turned to horror as not-cute-anymore server scraped the old crusty noodles on top of the fresh batch! And to add insult to injury she scooped up those scraps and dumped them onto my plate!

HELLS NO!! I had to say something to avoid misery dinner. "Excuse me, but you asked me to wait then give me the same old noodles? At least stir 'em up a bit!" She looked at me as though I was at Burger King trying to have it my way, and then asked for a second opinion from one of her workmates. At least that woman had the good sense not to care to make it an issue and gave me fresh noodles from the bottom. Dinner saved.

So what's my point? We all find ourselves in situations we may not want be in. We sometimes gotta do what we gotta do. But I say do it to the best of your abilities and do it in excellence. Why bother? 'Cause everyone involved will feel better. Customers will feel honored and workers will feel that coming back to them.

No one wants a slacker on duty...and I've done some slacker time, so I'm not taking a holier-than-thou position...just a been-there-done-that position.


BIDA said...

UGH!! I would have been thinking the same thing! You ask me to wait then give me the OLD ones?? NO NO NO!! You're like my mom speakin' up on something like that. If her fries aren't pack to the top at McDonalds or any place she will go back in. lol

Wonder-Rachel said...

I'm with you 100% on the no thanks to old food! Go ahead & rant a little.

John said...

...there's always a bright side. When my friends and I go out to dinner, the first thing we ask everyone is if they're getting on a plane the next day. That will then decide on whether we go to an upscale restaurant or a riskier restaurant. Every meal I order, it's now instinct to ask, "will this get me sick?", and we choose our restaurants based on how many people are there (the more the better, because the food is good/safe/fresh). I'm always having a debate about whether or not I want to have my food cooked in front of me, since sometimes the chef might sneak a little taste with the spoon he'll use again to stir the soup...

I've lived in China for the better part of that two years, and have been sick from food for a total of 4 hours. I've been sicker for longer after eating in my company cafeteria back in the US.

I found a hair at the bottom of a pile of french fries in the US a while ago. I just kept eating the fries. When I wanted more, I pointed out the hair, and they brought me a fresh plate. It's all about how you play the game and how strong your stomach is.

Then again, we should consider ourselves lucky that we have such easy access to food. There are millions who don't have any at all...