Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gains and Losses aka Life101 - Part.2

As the euphoria of Obama's victory and the country's awakening begins to settle, we witness another sign that indeed the road is steep.
We witness another sign that bigotry and ignorance still exist in a country that claims to be the greatest country in the world.
Proposition 8 was passed in California effectively restoring the ban on same-sex marriage.

C'mon America...SERIOUSLY?!
Don't you get that we're among the last of those still making this an issue?
Don't you get that we're still allowing religious zealots to manipulate the constitution?
Don't you get that if two men or two women get married your life WILL NOT CHANGE?
Why do some of us still cling to antiquated ideas stemming from misunderstanding?
Why do some of us resist change with every last fiber of our being?

Well as the election so vividly demonstrated, CHANGE IS COMING!
And it can't be stopped.
It might be stalled, postponed, resisted, refuted.
But it can't be stopped, and we're not going back.

Two steps forward and one step back is still forward motion.
I hardly dared to believe that I would see a black president in my lifetime.
I do believe we will see same-sex marriage legalized for good in my lifetime.
I believe love will conquer over hate.
I believe.


Wonder-Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss. I found out after election day that Obamas grandmother died in HI on Sunday. So I guess you're at least in good company with your grief. I read an article about body-language of the election (I'm sure you've heard all about McCains ticks, jaw clenches and tongue thrusts?). The writer was admiring how Obama carried himself in his victory speech - his victory, ease, happiness, fatigue & grief were all present, visible and comfortable in the same body. The writer commented that it takes a man who's very comfortable and honest with himself to show all those conflicting emotions so comfortably. I admire the man to be sure. I guess life is ever a circle of gains and losses.

Jess said...

Along the same lines of "come on America" and "What's with the step backwards?"... ABC has eliminated all same-sex relationship story lines from their prime time programming. Dr. Erica Hahn from Grey's Anatomy is no more, simply because of a blanket wash of the station from any homosexuality.

After the somewhat still revolutionary act of adding Hahn/Torres' relationship to the show, ABC pulls it. How disappointing.

When I said, "But why?" a friend pointed out "Who owns ABC?" I answered my own question: Disney.

That's really too bad. How dare our children be exposed to more than one lifestyle? Disney is a way-leader in the genre of ethnic diversity in programming. I used to think it was cultural diversity, but now I see it has only do with diverse skin tones and not diverse lifestyles.

I don't expect to see whips and chains (a valid lifestyle/sexuality) on primetime television, but gay and lesbian relationships are still about love. And there is no reason our children shouldn't be exposed to relationships about love (the happy and the challenging).

OGUN said...

On a recent episode of Private Practice (also ABC & Disney) a certain hot, blonde, southern doctor was doling out a few lashes dressed in tight (and i mean tight!) leather plus whip and collar. Oh it's made mainstream TV...it's just hasn't upset the fundamental conservatives yet!