Sunday, September 28, 2008

beyond death...LOVE

today jen & i provided music for uteva power's memorial service
uteva was the living embodiment of saying YES to life
she was eighty-seven and still active in mind and body
her accomplishment during her adult life reflected a spirit of adventure i can only hope to emulate
yet she feared the ultimate adventure...death
i think she feared what lay beyond death more than the dying itself
they say we don't know for sure what happens after we die
i say we know...'they' just haven't proven it yet
beyond death is LOVE...pure LOVE
it is so pure our physical bodies cannot go
only that which is pure...SPIRIT...can return to LOVE
i do not fear death
at the moment of death i will be happy because
i have done what was mine to do
i fear a life unfulfilled
a life not seized by the horns and ridden for all it's worth
i fear stagnation
yet the possibilities of my potential paralyze me
uteva didn't teach us anything about dying
uteva showed us how to live

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