Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So the last posting was inspired by the movie AUGUST RUSH. Yes, a touching, drippy, sweet, tear-jerker; a go-to for movie date night.

But the one line that stuck like toffee to the roof of my mouth was the contradiction of the unsincere declaration of happiness by the female lead (played by dazed-but-still-hot Keri Russell): "You can't be happy-You're a musican (or was it music teacher) who doesn't play!"
In 10 years I have gone from to late-night impromptu jams in college to...honestly...nothing. I no longer enjoy making music with my students who have a depressing distaste for anything non-urban. I no longer play at church, and my composer spirit seems lost in the ethers.

As always, there is hope. I still listen. Every free moment is filled with music. It is my narcotic of choice...my zune: my needle for swift injection. On Sunday I rediscovered Debussy. Something about the classical moderness of his works; almost jazzy with a loose unpredictability and chords you want to play just to feel their sweet complexity. I played a few pieces in college and I dug up the book.

I'm not a fan of relearning, but it's time to play again.

It's time to play...just to play.
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