Sunday, April 20, 2008

AIDS Memorial

Earlier tonight I had the humbling experience of playing piano at KC's 20th Annual Aids Memorial Service.

It was good to be playing in service again. I accompanied Jen & Teri Wilder, and improved with a drummer who created a heartbeat rhythm that propelled me inward to a place I can't remember ever being.

The stories massaged my heart unlike anything I've experienced. I've not been touched by AIDS on a personal level...not like these folks. From every walk of life they shared. Some losses were recent. Some almost two decades ago. All equally sad and profound. The survivors are still grieving.

I could feel some anger still behind the grief. Anger for the disease. Anger with God? Time and forgiveness work slowly, but effectively.

I know the answer, yet I still ask why...why do we have to bear the pain of loss?

To make us better lovers, I believe.
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