Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Sanna Hosanna!

Welcome to Holy Week.

It was a busy week for Jesus. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, this was the week that he rode into Jerusalem to great fanfare on Palm Sunday like the new sheriff in town and stirred up all kinds of trouble. It was the the week he finally showed some real human emotion and angrily kicked the merchants out of the temple. It was the week he celebrated Passover with his disciples by sharing the meal that would forever be known as The Last Supper. It was the week he was betrayed by one of his band of twelve and tried as a criminal. It was the week he was killed by one of the Romans' most brutal and humiliating forms of execution: Crucifixion. It was the week that culminated in Easter Morning, the day of Jesus' Resurrection, the event that arguably gave birth to the Christian movement.

Or so the story goes. There are scholars, philosophers, and theologians who would argue on the events of that week. Some debate rather the Jesus we have come to believe was the one that actually lived, if he lived at all [click here, here, and here for more on those hot potatoes]. Yet whether or not the events [or Jesus himself] actually happened, no-one can deny the impact this story has had and continues to have on the world.

So as a Unity ministerial student, what do I think about Holy Week? I see this as a story of Hope. It reminds me that after a dark night of the soul there will be a new day dawning. It assures me that yes, even though there might be some times of excruciating pain and doubt and loneliness, they won't last forever. This is the miracle of Easter: Hope. Not the pray-for-a-miracle type of hoping, but the certainty that there will be new life after the storm.

Hey Sanna Hosanna!