Saturday, June 14, 2003


i dislike men's publice restrooms with a passion.... and i'm a man!
sometimes i go in and wonder, "how could this possibly have happened?!"
there's no way some of the horrors i have witnessed are 'accidents'!

who 'accidently' misses the bowl and leaves a log of feces on the floor?! next to the bowl?!?
how can someone 'accidently' urinate on the wall behind the bowl and leave the bowl untouched?

sure, you might spill a few drops on the edge of the seat.... WIPE THEM UP!! i don't need to go into a stall and see pale yellow stains on the rim of where i've been, but no longer, contemplating setting my ass!

and let's not talk about urinals! if it didn't go down with the flush, get some t.p. and clean it...it's yours dammit! you pubic hair depositors know who i'm talking about!

i have a two-year-old daughter, and when she has to go, i'd rather take her out to a tree! i bsolutely refuse to take her when my wife's around. i assume ladies' rooms are cleaner, but i hear not always!

now that is a real mystery!